Houses of Worship

Audiovisual elements have become an integral part of worship services. High quality and seamless integration of video, lighting and audio elements play an important role in communicating your weekly message. Our experts have many years of experience and have worked with all types of houses of worship, from small local churches to metropolitan mega-campuses. We can handle any and all audiovisual elements, including church audio, video, lighting, staging, and audio/video distribution systems.

Whether you need a complete audiovisual system or just one component, Atmos stands ready to partner with you to create worship experiences that leave a lasting impression on your attendees and guests and that helps set the ATMOSphere for worship.

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Concert Venues

Concertgoers have come to expect crisp sound and vibrant visuals. The proper design and implementation of audiovisual elements can make all the difference. Atmos has extensive experience working with all types of concert venues, from small intimate settings to large performance venues. Whether you need the full concert experience, or simply need a single component to achieve your goal, we’ve got you covered. We also design audiovisual systems to accommodate all genres of music, from symphony and classical to country and hard rock. Atmos implements audiovisual systems that engage audiences and keep them coming back!



There is nothing worse than attending a performance and not being able to either see or hear what is happening on the screen and/or stage. Atmos delivers pro audio, video, and lighting solutions to theaters throughout the country. We can transform a classic theater with outdated systems into an energetic and exciting ATMOSphere. We also design and implement audiovisual systems for new venues as well. Atmos revolutionizes the theatrical experience!

Call or email Atmos to learn more about how our customized audiovisual solutions can transform your venue and impress your attendees and guests.